14-Storey Public Housing Development at Jurong West

Project Status: Completed
Project Type: Public Housing
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Our engineered mesh for precast slab enabled productivity improvements of more than 6 times.
Project Requirements:
Jurong West Central 3, Singapore 643697

For this public housing development project, there was a requirement to precast planks for toilet/kitchen area with 9 openings for piping and other services.

For this project, mesh was specially engineered to cater for openings in the plank after casting.

Technical specifications of precast slab: 0.17 MT of reinforcement per set

Installation time using non-prefabricated methods: >8 manhours

Installation time using BRC’s prefabrication solutions: 1.33 manhours

Total time saved
Each set of reinforcements was completed within 20 minutes by a team of 4 workers.

Using traditional methods, it would have taken 4 workers at least 2 hours to cut the mesh and tie the trimmer bars.

By employing prefabrication, we were able to manufacture the same sheet of mesh with the openings in our factory in a much shorter time. Resultantly, the remaining work of laying the mesh and tying the loose bars could be completed by the same number of workers in just 20 minutes.

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