6-Storey Institution Building at Jurong

Project Status: Completed
Project Type: Commercial
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For this sizeable job of laying a 900m² raft foundation slab, prefabrication helped to shave 3 days off the project time.
Jurong, Singapore

One of the requirements of this job was to lay a raft foundation of 35 metres by 20 metres, inclusive of 2 trenches.

In total, 13 workers were able to complete the entire job within just 4 days.

Each sheet of bar mat took just 5 minutes to position in place.
Each sheet of bar mat took just 5 minutes to position in place.
Prefab column stumps were hoisted in place within 10 minutes.

Technical specifications of raft foundation slab: 35m (L) x 20m (W)

Technical specifications of each trench: 2.0m (D) x 6.5m (W) x 35m (L)

Total weight: 250 MT covering 900m2

Installation time using non-prefabricated methods: 7 days

Installation time using BRC’s prefabrication solutions: 4 days

3 days
Total time saved
T32-100 and T20-100 mats were supplied as 2xT32-200 and 2xT20-200 mats to ease congestion of rebar and concreting.

This was a huge productivity gain, as it would have taken around 7 days to complete the job using the manual method of tying loose bars.

Raft foundation with trenches completed, and ready for casting.

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