Multi-storey Public Housing Carpark at Corporation Road

Project Status: Completed
Project Type: Public Housing
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By using prefabricated beams for this project, a substantial amount of time and money was saved.
166A Yung Kuang Rd,
Singapore 611166

For the construction of this multi-storey carpark, 24 cantilever beams were required at each of the carpark’s levels.

Using conventional tying methods, it would have taken 3 workers a full day to complete installing just one beam. However, using our prefab beams, each beam took just 15 minutes.

安装一根钢筋预制悬臂梁仅需 15 分钟,而使用传统绑扎方式则需要 11 小时。
安装一根钢筋预制悬臂梁仅需 15 分钟,而使用传统绑扎方式则需要 11 小时。

Technical specifications of each cantilever beam: 1.0MT

Productivity using non-prefabricated methods: 33 manhour/MT

Productivity using BRC’s prefabrication solutions: 0.75 manhour/MT

Productivity improvement
By reducing the manhours required for installation, builders were able to achieve significant cost savings across the whole project.

Basing on a rate of $8/manhour, it would have cost $264 ($8 x 33 manhours) to complete installation of each beam using conventional methods.

By using prefabricated methods, which cut the amount of time required for installation down to 0.75 manhours, our builders were able to reduce the cost of construction for each beam down to $156 ($8 x 0.75 + $150/MT prefab charge). This was inclusive of the cost attributed to prefabrication.

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