Public Housing Development Multi-storey Carpark at Clementi Ave 6

Project Status: Completed
Project Type: Public Housing
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BRC’s innovative solutions enabled ease of laying mesh, which further translated into “steel fixing” productivity improvements of more than 2 times.
Project Requirements:
Year of Completion
208 Clementi Avenue 6, Singapore 121208

For this multi-storey carpark project, we supplied the fan-shaped mesh and longitudinal bars required for ramp reinforcement.

The mesh was re-detailed as single directional mesh to allow for ease of laying, while the longitudinal bars were re-detailed as 12-metre loose bars to avoid excessive lapping.


Technical specifications of ramp slab mesh: Total weight: 5.6 MT, with each sheet of mesh weighing between 50 to 100 kg

Productivity ratio using non-prefabricated methods: 28 manhour/MT

Productivity ratio using BRC’s prefabrication solutions: 10.7 manhour/MT

Productivity improvement
Longitudinal bars were re-detailed as 12-metre loose bars to avoid excessive lapping.

The whole ramp slab reinforcement job took 4 workers a total of 15 hours to complete. This amounted to significant time savings of 2 days, as conventional tying would have taken around 40 hours to complete.

Ramp slab reinforcements completed.

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